Comprehensive Eye Exam

Many people who wear glasses find they prefer the convenience of contacts, but not everyone is an ideal candidate. The best way to determine if contacts could be a good choice for your needs and lifestyle is to schedule an evaluation to learn about the types of lenses that could help you see more clearly without the need for glasses. You also have to be prepared for the maintenance contact lenses require, including regular and proper cleaning techniques to help prevent serious eye infections.

Is it hard to learn how to put in contact lenses?

Like anything, putting lenses in and taking them out may take a little practice, but it’s actually a fairly simple process. Most people adapt very quickly. If you’re squeamish about placing anything in your eye, it may take a little longer to get used to putting lenses in and taking them out.

Can a lens get trapped behind my eye?

No, the eye is surrounded by connective tissues that make it impossible for the lens to get behind it.

How long will it take for me to feel comfortable in my contact lenses?

That depends on how sensitive your eyes are and the type of extent of the vision issue that’s being corrected. Many people adjust to the way lenses feel after just a few days, while others take a little longer. To help speed the process along, it’s very important to wear the lenses as directed during your fitting appointment; trying to adjust more quickly by wearing the lenses longer will only result in irritation, which could actually delay the process of adjustment. Also, be sure to follow care and maintenance instructions and report any pain or other issues you may experience right away.